In ihrem Blute steckt ein Speer

31 January
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Name: Klingsor

Fandom: Arthuriana (Wolfram von Eschenbach's "Parzival"/Richard Wagner's "Parsifal")

Media: Book/opera

Played by matrixrefugee

Physical description: Moderately tall and robust with an appreciable amount of muscle, tanned skin (he spends a lot of time out in his garden: even magic flowers need to be tended like regular ones). A ruggedly good-looking face, attractive when he isn't brooding or glowering, spiky dark hair and icy greenish-grey eyes that seem to cut through to the soul. Speaks with a gruff, somewhat sneering bass voice, which can rise to a sonorous baritone when he's casting a spell or summoning minions.

Also walks with an odd gait, not quite a limp, but suggesting that he's in some kind of pain down below... Do not point this out or make any quips about his lack of a love life. He gets very testy about this.

Personality: Cranky at best, caustically sarcastic and verbally sadistic at worst. Violent only where it counts. Not above using magic offensively, up to and including torturing people. Gives one the impression of being incredibly arrogant, but is inwardly full of self-loathing. Generally keeps to himself and can be rather cantankerous when disturbed, ala that cranky old guy who yells at kids to get off his lawn.

Short biography: Born to be the Duke of the Terre de Labur, he attempted to join the Brotherhood of the Grail, but was refused admission because he was unable to keep the vows of chastity. In desperation, he leveled himself off between the thighs, to put it delicately. Even still, he was turned out of the Brotherhood. Somewhere along the line, he learned the ancient arts (Wolfram states his abilities were awakened after his castration) and became adept at transformations. Determined to have his revenge, Klingsor settled in a dry valley of the Pyranees, transforming it into a magical garden full of lush plants, the spirits of which he awakened, shaping them into voluptuous damsels. He set this as a trap for unwary Knights of the Grail who strayed away from the Castle of the Grail, seducing them into his service and binding them magically. Chief among his weapons was the mysterious woman known as Kundry, whose identity he uncovered and which, along with various spells, he used as blackmail to keep her in his service, even as she served the Knights of the Grail as a messenger.

At length, so many knights had been led astray that Amfortas, keeper of the Grail and head of the Brotherhood, determined to destroy Klingsor once and for all. Taking the Holy Spear, intending to use its properties to break the spell, Amfortas rode out to engage the warlock; instead, he encountered Kundry, who succeeded in seducing him. While they were entwined, Klingsor approached, took up the unguarded Spear and thrust it into Amfortas's groin, inflicting a wound which has not healed.

He would have continued to bedevil the Grail Knights, until one fateful day when an unarmed youth, Parsifal, arrived on the borders of Klingsor's realm. The youngster cut through his guard and fended off the blandishments of the Flower Damsels; Kundry nearly succeeded in seducing the guileless fool. Klingsor then hurled the Spear at Parsifal, only to see it stop in mid-air over the youth's head. Seizing it, Parsifal moved the Spear in the Sign of the Cross, shattering Klingsor's spells, defeating the warlock and causing garden and castle to shatter and fade back into desert...

Physical Abilities: GARDENING! Even magical plants need to be watered/pruned/weeded... Fair to middling as a fighter

Superhuman Abilities Gifted at transformative magic, to the point of being able to turn a stretch of scrub growth in a valley of the Pyranees into a garden and even awaken the spirits of some of the flowers into voluptuous damsels. He can't bend the fabric of reality, though: he has to have something to transform into something else.

Unusual or Magical Possessions: He'd still have the Spear, if it wasn't for that meddling guileless fool...

black magick, capturing grail knights, gardening, kundry, parsifal, revenge, self-hatred, self-mutilation, the holy spear, the pyranees mountains